Fertility Turkey – IVF in Turkey

About Us

An individual approach to each patient

Diagnosis, examinations, treatment, medications - all this is tailored to the patient's individual situation. Our patients are the most important thing for us! We know what a difficult path our patients go through on the path of parenthood, and how strong and deep emotions they experience. For this reason, the relationship between the patient and the doctor in our clinic is base on mutual trust, support and respect.


Accurate Diagnosis

A True Diagnosis Is Half The Cure! We conduct detailed investigations and assessments by considering all possibilities before starting the treatment. Accurate diagnosis will help you save money and time and treat infertility as soon as possible.


Advanced Techniques

We are proud to successfully apply the ROSI technique, which is the hope for many azoospermia couples. Hundreds of men, who were said to have no choice but to use donor sperm, had their biological children with the ROSI technique.


No Waiting List

Start treatment as soon as you are ready! You can start treatment now without waiting time - make an appointment, get an online consultation. We are open from 7 am - 7 pm. You will be able to reach the doctor 24/7 for emergency.


Modern Laboratory Equipments

All assisted reproductive technologies and equipment in accordance with world standards are used in our embryology laboratory.


IVF ID Witness System

We use IVF ID WITNESS SYSTEM to protect your data and biological materials. Special electronic chips are used to identify each sample of biological material such as eggs, sperm, embryos. All your data and biomaterials are protected with exceptional security.


Travel Services

We help you find and book the most comfortable accommodation before you travel. We provide free airport transfers for you. English speaking Fertility Turkey team member will meet you at the airport and guide you through your entire treatment.

According to the legislation, egg, sperm and embryo donation and surrogacy are not allowed in Turkey. Also, couples must be married for IVF in Turkey. Single women and same sex couples are not allowed by law to be treated. PGD and PGS are allowed but sex selection for non-medical reasons is not allowed.