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Pap-Smear Test

Pap smear is a test utilized in cervical cancer screening and can diagnose cancerous lesions that are still in the formation stage. The smear test should be performed on women who have had experienced sexual activity. This is because the HPV virus (Human papillomavirus), which is the cause of cervical cancer, is sexually transmitted. It is recommended that women between the ages of 30-65 have cervical cancer screening every 3 years. This test should be performed more frequently in patients with a history of HPV in a partner, in people with a history of HPV, in patients diagnosed with herpes simplex virus and genital warts. The smear test is easy and painless. The test is done 10-20 days after menstruation. The gynecologist inserts a speculum (examination instrument) into the vagina so the cervix can be seen. Then, a swab is applied to the cervix and cell samples are collected and spread on the glass. These cells are examined under a microscope by the pathologist to see if there is any abnormal development. In addition to detecting possible cancer, the main goal is to detect “precancerous” lesions that are not cancerous but are likely to transform into cancer and can be treated.

Don’t miss your Pap smears! Early diagnosis saves lives.

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