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Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing is the process of freezing the sperm taken from the father-to-be in order to be thawed at a later time and used in IVF treatments. This freezing process is carried out in a special laboratory environment.

Who should consider sperm freezing?

  • Men who want to have children at an advanced age
  • Men who want to protect their fertility against secondary infertility
  • Men who are going to have chemotherapy and want to preserve their fertility
  • Men who will use drugs that may cause sperm cell damage
  • Men who need to undergo a surgical operation related to their reproductive system
  • Men with low sperm count and thought that it may be difficult to obtain sperm in the future
  • Men with a family history of male infertility

It is necessary to avoid sexual intercourse and masturbation for at least 3 days before giving sperm sample for the freezing process. Frozen sperm can be stored for up to 5 years without any damage. Sperm freezing and the unfreezing process do not affect sperm quality and IVF outcome.

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