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Varicocele is the enlargement of the veins that drain the blood of the testicles. Deterioration of testicular temperature affects testicular function and impairs sperm and testosterone production, toxic substances in contaminated blood accumulate in the testicles and impair testicular blood flow.

About 40% of men who experience a primary infertility problem and about 80% of men who experience a secondary infertility problem have varicocele. Varicocele is the most common cause of male infertility.

Most men with varicocele have no symptoms. It is usually detected by physical examination and scrotal ultrasound. Although it is very rare, it may show symptoms such as pain and swelling in some cases.

Varicocele treatment is prepared individually for the patient according to the size of the varicocele, fertility goals of the patient, pain, discomfort and semen analysis findings. After examining all the findings, varicocele is treated with surgical or non-surgical methods. If one or more of the conditions such as fertility problems, pain, swelling, discomfort, abnormal semen analysis, mild or severe azoospermia are present, surgery may be required in the treatment of varicocele.

In our clinic, varicocele surgery is performed using the microscopic varicocelectomy technique. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. The patient is discharged on the same day after being kept in the recovery room for a few hours under the supervision of a doctor. The recurrence rate of varicocele in the microscopic varicocelectomy method is very low compared to other surgical methods. In about 80% of men who have varicocele surgery, the infertility problem is resolved and a normal pregnancy occurs.

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